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Be The Glitch with a #BTGMindset

What BTG Offers

Group Training

Our group sessions are used to aid our QBs in as many multi-player movements and situations as humanly possible. Our QBs will learn to train at a higher tempo and compete alongside other BTG Athletix QBs. The premier training at BTG Athletix will allow our QBs to be prepared for any game or camp scenario out there. 


Virtual Training

Not in Georgia? No problem. Technology has allowed some of the best QB trainers in the world to give our QBs cutting edge training, from a distance. Receive live feedback on mechanics, processing, and film study.




Private Training

Go 1-on-1 with one of the best QB trainers on the planet. We are driven to turn our weaknesses into strengths, and cater to each individual and fundamental need. Our private sessions are built to evolve our QBs mentally, biomechanically, and emotionally. The private training experience will gift our QBs the opportunity cover a multiplicity of movements and situations on the gridiron.

"We instill the importance of being OBSESSIVE and seeing constant improvement in our QBs."

-Coach Whitlow



X's & O's

BTG staff analyze film and break down offensive and defensive schemes to their most minuscule level relative to the QB’s age and understanding. Our staff provides white board sessions where we go into detail and the “WHY” of things. We offer quizzes to assess the QB’s level of understanding, and we work from there.


BTG staff will train our QBs relative to their character and personality to be the best leader that they can be. We will offer practical steps that the QB can take that will enhance their leadership quality.



BTG staff will review film and analyze the mechanics of our QBs. We will give practical information on what the QB does well and what needs to be corrected. Also, we have a vault of NFL and College football film where we can critique some of the best QBs on the planet today.

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