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Future Trainees:

Our jobs as QB coaches are to exhaust every ounce of information that we have gathered and continue to gather for the benefit of our trainees. We take a holistic approach when it comes to developing the QB’s overall understanding and approach to the sport and the position. We have a reputation of drastically expanding the knowledge of the QBs that we encounter. We strive to place our QBs on a fastrack to EARNING scholarships and potential professional success. We instill the importance of being OBSESSIVE and seeing constant improvement in our trainees. We will ensure that our QBs TRAIN with a game-like mentality and learn the importance of self-correcting. Everything here at BTG is EARNED every single repetition. #BTGMindset , #DominateYourDomain



Jalen Whitlow

 Founder of Be The Glitch Athletix. He played college football at the University of Kentucky and Eastern Illinois University and was coached by some of the same coaches that taught guys that played on Sundays. Also, while finishing his Corporate Communications degree, Coach Whit had the opportunity to coach at Eastern. He’s been passionately coaching QBs for 5 years, alongside training and consulting current high school and college signal callers.



Kalen Whitlow

Co-founder of Be The Glitch Athletix. Being rated the #1 QB in his class in the state of Alabama, he set multiple school records. Kalen played college football at Gardner-Webb University and was taught by some of the premier QB coaches in today’s game. He finished his career earning Big South honors.

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